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#Israel2Penguins: Tommy’s Dream Trip to Pittsburgh

Tommy, my son, had a dream. To go to a Pittsburgh Penguins game for his Bar Mitzvah. He is a CRAZY Pittsburgh Penguins fan and his idol is its captain, Sidney Crosby. This is a long trip from his current home, in Israel – over 20 hours each way. Nevertheless, we’re making it happen!!!! And it begins tomorrow!

Tommy Before the JourneyTomorrow morning the journey begins. Our transatlantic flight is tomorrow and we’ll be in Pittsburgh by nighttime. We’re going to the Pittsburgh Penguins – LA Kings game on December 11th @ 7pm. We’re hoping for an amazing time and, hopefully, some unique lifetime memories and total excitement.

We’re going to share our journey on Twitter and Facebook. Here above is the first picture of Tommy in his outfit for the flight tomorrow.

Feel free to tune in on #Israel2Penguins on Twitter for our trip.

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My “Bikram Subway” Experience

Broadway-Lafayette NYC Subway Station Entrance

I love NYC. I also like getting around on subway – usually, it’s very efficient. I don’t like the heat nor do I like the crowds in rush hour, but generally, it’s pretty good. Best thing is that it zips through traffic and is rather predictable.

However, when it’s hot in NYC, as it was this week (and is most of the summer), the subway is not such a “cool place” to be. The trains themselves are air-conditioned, but the platforms are not. Other subway systems in the world dealt with this issue (usually in newer systems) – not NYC.

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Welcome to my new blog location!

Welcome to I’ve been sitting on the domain for 5 years not knowing exactly what to do with it. Now I have a place for my new blog. On this blog I’ll share my views and observations about a diverse set of areas, usually involving technology, innovation, gadgets, and service providers. I plan to keep blogging at least once every 3-4 weeks. Each post is more of an article rather than just one concept – but that might change over time. I read all comments and respond to most.

I’m quite busy these days while trying to found a startup or two. More on that will come when I have something to share.

In the meantime, check out the previous blog posts (below) you might have missed and subscribe to the site via email or RSS. Within a week (I usually post on Tuesday) I’ll also publish my forthcoming blog post about “crowdfunding”.  Subscribe to stay tuned.

Last but not least, I’d like to greatly thank Oded Cnaan that helped me set up this blog.