Step aside, Dr. Google: Enter Medivizor!

That’s not my title! I owe thanks to blogger AnneMarie Ciccarella for that title.  You might imagine my thoughts reading it. It blew me away! It was gratifying and exciting, and it’s not just that one title – that’s how it’s been all month with reporters, bloggers, and users as they get exposed to Medivizor and share their thoughts. AnneMarie was among several bloggers (we love you all!) whom have written about us and encouraged their readers to try Medivizor out.  As a result, many users requested and received invitations to our early access, signed up, and began using Medivizor.

Here are a few things users have said (publicly) about Medivizor:

I’ve signed up and I really, really like it thus far. This is fantastic! I had largely given up searching for info on my own and just read material recommended by people on FB or on Twitter.


I am impressed by the comprehensive content. I have not seen this kind of framework elsewhere (and I’ve spent a lot of time on sites that address breast cancer).

And, even:

I love Medivizor. Thanks to you for providing it…

That’s what has made January such a busy month. I had planned to share with you insights gained from CES 2013 and the Digital Health Summit, which were awesome, but just didn’t get around to it. Hopefully, I’ll get around to it… But the great stuff going on at Medivizor is just so exciting; I couldn’t help but share. It has been great to see people using our services, giving us feedback, getting value, and talking about it.

People writing about Medivizor

Here are just a few of the things written about us in January:

Where we’re at

Right now, the service is “live” (in invitation-only beta) for 4 medical conditions: breast cancer, prostate cancer, diabetes, and colorectal cancer. We’re adding lymphoma and melanoma shortly. Even though we’re in invitation-only mode, people can sign up today and let us know what condition they are interested in and wish us to support next.

It’s very important and gratifying for all of us at Medivizor that we’re able to help people. While we cannot make all people happy, we’re trying our damn best to do so. And mostly, we’re succeeding, even if this sometimes means sleeping 3 hours/night…


I want to thank all the passionate bloggers, patient advocates, and journalists that have decided to write about us and recommend to people to join our early access program: AnneMarie Ciccarella, Jean Campbell, Scott K. Johnson, Chuck Maack, Stephanie Baum , Amitai Ziv, and Inbal Orbaz — Thanks!!!

Of course, all this couldn’t be done without The (terrific) Medivizor Team supporting it all!

Finally, I’d also like to thank all our early adopters for trying us out, being patient with us, and providing excellent feedback. There’s no doubt that your feedback will improve the service and help you, and others like you.

This is just the start, folks! Lots more to come. Finally, if you know of anybody that might want to try out the service and provide feedback, let them know about it.

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